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Context-Dependent SymLinks (CDSLs)

If you make a symlink in a CFS filesystem with the one of the following 
keywords in it it will be replaced with a value which may depend on the 


The first three will substitute the value from "utsname" on the current 
node and nodenum will be the current node's node number.

Where it all gets a little slippery is during migration. For some things 
you would want the values to be that of the node where the process started. 
(For instance if you used a context symlink for /tmp and wrote a file in 
/tmp and then migrated, if the symlink returned a different value you 
wouldn't find it.) There is no provision at the moment for keeping this 
context with a process that migrates.

This page last updated on Fri Jun 6 00:01:14 2003 GMT
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