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OpenSSI Administrator's Guide

  1. Introduction to OpenSSI
    1. What is SSI clustering
    2. How OpenSSI works
    3. How OpenSSI can be used
  2. Quick start guide (RH9)
    1. Download
    2. Install (RH9)
    3. Install (Debian)
    4. Test
    5. Upgrade
    6. Editing the initrd
  3. Adding nodes to and removing nodes from the cluster
    1. Booting secondary nodes
    2. Add a node
    3. Remove a node
  4. CDSLs and the modified directory tree structure
    1. Using CDSL
    2. Modified directory tree
  5. Starting and stopping services
    1. An intro into overall rc script design (RH9)
    2. Starting services on all nodes through rc
    3. Selectively running services
  6. Enabling process load balancing
  7. Configuring File systems
    1. CFS as root and non-root
    2. Clusterwide fstab
    3. Local file systems and swap
  8. Configuring a secondary root node for failover
    1. With shared storage
    2. With drbd
  9. Configuring Networking
    1. Using multiple network interfaces
    2. Bonding
  10. Configuring NTP
  11. Configuring and running HA-LVS
    1. Cluster virtual IP addresses
    2. Configuration
    3. Demonstration of a sample web service
  12. Configuring NIS server
  13. Configuring NFS
    1. Cluster as an NFS client
    2. Cluster as an NFS server
  14. Configuring LTSP
  15. Running X windows (RH9)
  16. Using Lustre

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