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Cluster File System (CFS)

When mounting ext2 or ext3 filesystems, CFS will automatically be stacked and
all nodes in the cluster will see the mount point.  Nodes joining later will
also see the mount point automatically.  Additional, filesystems can be added
to /cluster/lib/cfstab.  But do this at your own risk.  Other filesystem
configurations have not been tested.

DO NOT add "nfs" to the cfstab file.  CFS stacking is not needed, since nfs
automatically mounts on all nodes in the cluster such that each node goes
direct to the nfs server.

File locking and mapped files support has been implemented.  When a node fails
other than the root node, filesystems that are lost are cleaned up.  Like
NFS soft mounts you get errors for existing activity, but we also unmount the

See /usr/share/doc/openssi/README.hardmounts for a discussion of how to
mount filesystems on shared disks which can failover.

This page last updated on Wed Feb 9 21:49:08 2005 GMT
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