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Changelog for Hooks

  • Draft 7 was the first Draft of the hooks put up on the Web.
  • Draft 8 was the first put up on January 19. The significant changes included:
    • Split the hooks patch into 3 patches - one that makes small changes to the base which cause the kernel binary to be different, even when CONFIG_CLUSTERPROC is turned off; one that is just the hook definitions (clusterproc.h); and one that adds the rest of hook calls into the base but doesn't change the base binary (if CONFIG_CLUSTERPROC is off).
    • redid some of the hooks to avoid base code path when CONFIG_CLUSTERPROC is turned off;
    • added hooks for process movement (rexec, rfork and migation)
    • changed some of the locking hooks and described the lock hierarchy;
    • rewrote the pid assignment section of the document;
  • Draft 9 was the put up on January 27. The significant changes included:
    • add proc_lock in sys_setsid() to interlock with sys_setpgid();
    • changes in send_sigio() and send_sigurg() since these will have to be delivered asynchronously (can be called out of interrupts);
    • fixed order of hooks vs. unlock of tasklist_lock in sys_tgkill()
    • fixed clusterproc_setpgid_done() to be called before tasklist_lock unlock in sys_setpgid();
    • fixed parameter in clusterproc_setpgid_done();
    • changed the clusterproc_sigpgrp_rmt_members() hook to test for do_remote and elminate the op call if it is not set;
    • Enhanced the comments in most of the hook functions to describe how they would operate in more detail.
  • Draft 10 was the put up on February 7. The significant changes included:
    • added checkpoint/restart capability into section O of the design spec and into the goals.
    • added generalization to the /proc/pid/goto file so it can be used for checkpoint/restart and to support the private v9fs mounts used in bproc;
    • added clusterwide /proc to the proposal via stacking of a new filesystem (cprocfs) on top of /proc (new section P).
    • no changes to the patches.
    bruce walker

This page last updated on Tue May 10 20:45:41 2005 GMT
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