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Clusterwide /etc/fstab

This document explains the configuration needed for clusterwide 
mount/swapon/fsck in a SSI cluster.  This is now the standard configuration
of the /etc/fstab file.


A sample  /etc/fstab is given below

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# <file system>	<mount point>	<type>	<options>	<dump>	<pass>
LABEL=/    	/		ext3	defaults,node=1		0	1
/dev/sda2	swap		swap	defaults,node=1		0	0
/dev/sdb2	swap		swap	defaults,node=2		0	0
none		/proc		proc	defaults,node=*		0	0
/dev/fd0	/mnt/floppy	auto	noauto,owner,kudzu,node=*	0	0
/dev/cdrom	/mnt/cdrom	udf,iso9660 noauto,owner,kudzu,ro,node=*	0	0
/dev/sda4 	/opt 	ext3 	rw,node=1		0	2
none		/devfs  devfs   defaults,node=* 	 0 	0

The fourth field <options> carry the the node number.For eg:

/dev/sda2	swap	swap	sw,node=1	0	0
indicate the device /dev/sda2  need to be used as swap on node 1

/dev/sdb2	swap	swap	sw,node=2	0	0
indicate the device /dev/sdb2 need to be used as a swap on node 2

The pattern "node=*" indicate that the particular device can be mounted 
on all nodes.

Generating /etc/fstab
During ssi-create the /etc/fstab file is converted to the format
above.  It uses the script

If root failover is enabled during ssi-create and when node 2 was installed
with ssi-addnode, the / entry will look something like this:

UUID=60926ab6-5992-4f05-907c-23d4c719e2c7       /       ext3    chard,defaults,node=1:2   1       1

See README.hardmounts which explains how to enable failover for other
partitions which are on shared disk hardware.

When adding a second node with a local hardisk (which could used for 
swap) you need to partition the disk first. Only partions will be listed 
for entry in /etc/fstab by the script.

The operates interactively for dependent nodes.  It requires
an SSI kernel to be running.  Warning: Do not add the shared root partition
again with this utility.
# onnode 2 ./ 2

This file list the different file systems on which CFS can be stacked. A 
sample file can be found at cluster-tools/ssi/util-linux/mount

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