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Installing and Using LTSP with OpenSSI

This document describes what has to be done for successfully running LTSP on 
SSI Cluster so that the LTSP client connections are load-balanced across 
nodes in the cluster using HA-LVS. If the LTSP terminals need not run X-windows
or one doesn't want XDMCP connection loadbalancing to happen in the SSI 
cluster, then just performing steps 1, 3, 5 and 6, in that order, will suffice.

1. Install SSI cluster

2. Follow README.X-windows and setup X to run on all nodes of the cluster.
   Note: Make sure that the /etc/X11/XF86Config has proper entries in the 
	 Screen, Monitor and Device sections to support all the nodes in the 
	 cluster. This is needed in order for the gdm/X to run on all nodes in 
	 the cluster.

3. Follow README.ipvs and setup ha-lvs on the cluster.

4. Run the following command on all nodes:
	setport_weight --start-port=177 --end-port=177 --weight=1

   To make this run automatically on each node when it boots, add the
   above line to the start() section of /etc/init.d/ha-lvs.

5. Follow README.nfs and setup NFS server on SSI cluster

6. Follow instructions in
   and install and configure LTSP on the root node of SSI cluster.

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