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1) Debian related openssi code is available in the OPENSSI-DEBIAN branch of cvs.
   You can check out the same using 

   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co  -r OPENSSI-DEBIAN ci

   cvs login
   cvs -z3 co  -r OPENSSI-DEBIAN openssi

2 ) Building OpenSSI kernel on Debian( you need to have gawk installed )

    You need to obtain a vanilla linux tree from, or one
    of it's mirrors. Currently you need version 2.6.10

    Extract  linux-X-Y-Z.bz2 to linux directory so that we have a directory layout as below

    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ bzip2 -d linux-2.6.10.tar.bz2
    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ tar -xvf linux-2.6.10.tar 
    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ mv linux-2.6.10 linux

    This should give you a set of directories, as shown:

    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ ls
    ci  linux  linux-2.6.10.tar  openssi

    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ cd openssi/
    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ make fullkern
    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ cd ../
    Should give you a linux-ssi directory. This is the OpenSSI patched
    kernel, as shown:

    iain@endeavour:~/openssi-debian$ ls
    ci  linux  linux-2.6.10.tar  linux-ssi  openssi

3) Build the kernel. 

	You can use the sample config file available at 

	You will need to fine tune it as per your requirement
	You can also get the sample config at

4)To build ci and openssi tools you need to have the Linux kernel source patched with the OpenSSI changes. Now to build the tools

	cd ci
	./scripts/build-debian ci <package-directory>

	make sure the packages are built correctly. 

	cd openssi
	<ci-directory>/scripts/build-debian openssi <package-directory> 

	The above steps is bit tricky even though some packages fails to build the scripts won't fail.
	So one need to make sure all package dependencies are met and packages are built correctly. 
	A look at <cluster-tools-directory>/scripts/build-debian should help to understan how the packages
	are build.

5) now install the packages using dpkg 

Building the kernel using source present in apt-get repository

To build your own kernel:
   apt-get install kernel-source-2.6.10-686-smp
   cd /usr/src
   tar xvjf kernel-source-2.6.10*
   ln -s /usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.10-686-smp /usr/src/linux
   cd linux

Configure the right kernel with the necessary options (make menuconfig )
You can use the sample config file present in the redhat branch as the starting porint

Run the build-kernel script located in the CVS at openssi/distro-pkgs/debian/kernel-package.

This will build a debian kernel package.

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