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Process Management Hooks

In the interest of having a set of process management hooks that would enable clusterwide process mangement modules such as those being developed for OpenSSI and other systems, Laura and I have a proposed set of hooks for Clusterwide process management. Included here is a short introduction to the hooks (2 pages), a 24 page design document describing the clusterwide process management design and hooks, a changelog page describing the versions of the documents/patches, and some patches. The OpenSSI code has not yet been adapted to fit these new hooks.

We welcome any feedback on the ssic-linux-devel mailing list.

Bruce Walker (

Using the latest CVS code for the kernel

  1. Checkout latest hooks from the OPENSSI-HOOKS branch of the CVS repository:

    $ cvs login
    $ cvs -z3 co -r OPENSSI-HOOKS openssi

  2. Download and extract the Linux kernel
  3. Copy openssi/kernel/* into the extracted Linux source tree
  4. Download and apply the CI patch file (`patch -p1 <...')
  5. Build the kernel using openssi/kernel.configs/development.i686 as .config
  6. Build the cproc module:

    make M=../openssi/clusterproc

Old patches for the 2.6.10 kernel

In this version, we offer not only the complete patch but also present it as 3 patches. Patch 1 is a patch of enabling changes that modify the base kernel binary. As such, this patch needs the most scrutiny. Accompanying patch 1 is a text file explaining each of the proposed patches. The second patch is just clusterproc.h, which has the definition of the hook functions and descriptions of each function. Patch 3 is the rest of hooks to enable clusterproc. These hooks do not change the kernel binary if CONFIG_CLUSTERPROC is not defined.

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