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Task List

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Task Assigned to
Tasks with available versions
CI tasks with available versions
Clusterwide devices John Byrne
Access to remote objects via remote fileblock Brian Watson
Clusterwide process management and process movement Laura Ramirez
LVS integration Aneesh Kumar, En Chiang, Roopa
HA LVS Aneesh Kumar, En Chiang, Roopa
DLM Integtration Aneesh Kumar
Clusterwide message queues, semaphores and shared memory Laura Ramirez, Kishore
Clusterwide pipes and fifos Brian Watson
Clusterwide sockets Brian Watson
CFS (Cluster Filesystem) John Byrne
HA-CFS John Byrne
clusterwide NFS client John Byrne
NFS server capabilty John Byrne
Lustre client support Jaideep
Port to Alpha Aneesh Kumar
Port to IA64 John Byrne
Loadleveling of processes Laura Ramirez
Clusterwide /proc for processes Laura Ramirez
Debian Support Aneesh Kumar, Gopal
Clusterwide run levels Brian Watson, Aneesh
test of Beowulf on SSI clusters Roopa
SSI Clusters over VMware Jaideep
Clusterwide timesync / NTP John Byrne
HA Interconnect (bonding) Jaideep and En Chiang
Performance and monitoring tools Kilian Cavalotti (OpenSSI webView)
Integration with Quadrics John Byrne
Automounter Support Roopa
Integration of DRBD to be used by HA-CFS Roger Tsang, En Chiang
Ongoing tasks
Linux 2.6 version Brian, Aneesh, Kishore, Laura, John, Bharata, En Chiang, Roopa
Infiniband as an interconnect Stan Smith
Integration with LSF Gopal
Hooks version of Process Mangement Bruce Walker, Laura Ramirez
Hooks version of SysVIPC Kishore
CD-based cluster (Knoppix and OpenSSI) Brian Watson
Suse Port (9.2 for OpenSSI 1.9) Bharata, En Chiang, Roopa
Integrate use of YUM En Chiang
Scale to 100s of nodes Bruce Walker, Jaideep
Total Diskless support John Byrne
udev support John Byrne
checkpoint/restart support Roopa
AMD64/X86-64 support in 2.6.10 versin (OpenSSI 1.9) John Byrne
Integration with STONITH Jaideep
Integration with Xen Aneesh, Kishore
Inactive tasks
Support for OpenGFS David Zafman
UML integration Kitrick Sheets, John Byrne
Tasks not yet started
Integration with Samba open
Adapt killer apps open
Integrate with GFS open
Integrate with OpenAIS open

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