[SSI] support for UML

Kitrick Sheets kbs@kbs-software.com
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:59:28 -0500


If you'd like to point me at the patches or send them along, there are a 
of us here that are interested in giving it a go.



At 02:35 PM 8/8/01 -0700, Brian J. Watson wrote:
>Kitrick Sheets wrote:
> >
> > I agree that UML would make life much easier for development and test.
> > Can you provide more
> > information on the status and/or plans for CI/SSI on UML?
>It's been a back-burner project of mine. A little over a month ago I
>brought up a single node CI cluster, then decided to work on something
>more pressing. I'm planning to get back to it soon, but I've been tied
>up with the SSI release and getting ready for our demo at Caldera Forum
>and LinuxWorld. Once I get a multinode CI cluster up, I'll document how
>to do it on our website. Hopefully this will be sometime next week.
>Adrian Cox at Sistina is working on getting GFS to work over UML. I'll
>leverage his effort and my own with CI to get an SSI cluster up with a
>GFS shared root. I'll document how to do that, as well, on our website.
>Hopefully this will be sometime in the next month.
>If anyone else would like to take this on (and maybe get it done sooner
>than I), let me know. I'll give you my patch and any info I've
>discovered so far.
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